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Ontario Residential Mortgages

My name is Richard Allatt and I specialize in helping people in Ontario with their Residential Mortgage needs.

In Canada there are basically 2 ways in which to get a mortgage, one is directly through one of the big banks or the second is through a Ontario Mortgage broker such as myself.

The big difference is that as a Ontario Mortgage Broker I work for you (I do not work for the banks) and I can shop around on your behalf to a wide variety of lending institutions from across Canada. When you deal with a bank you only have access to their limited mortgage product range. As well I can typically get you a better mortgage rate as well. So it really makes sense to use a Mortgage Broker when looking at your next residential mortgage.

So whether you are a first time home buyer, looking to take out equity in your home or maybe your current mortgage is coming up for renewal, I can definitely help you out.


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